The Death of My Heroes

In recent times much of tech has rotted and become predatory towards its users, now coined into the term enshittification.

Companies like Google and Microsoft were once shinning starts that I admired for their commitment to engineering both in practice and in culture. Any young programmer starting out, including myself, had tech giants at the forefront of the list of companies to shoot for knowing that they were the "it" place to be. In 2024 much of the goodwill that these companies have built up has disappeared revealing the ugly inner-workings and disregard for what made them desirable in the first place.

The Man Who Killed Google Search reveals the story of Gomes a pillar of search who was ousted for someone who fails to misunderstand the relationship between product and user. This ultimately leads to a lack of quality in Google, and more importantly for me a value of profit over engineering. For those similarly unhappy with modern Google I recommend Kagi search (

This story about LinkedIn shows cracks in the company culture, solidifying bad engineering practices and and unwillingness from management to understand the technical products that their foundation is built on.

Dark patterns run rampant in modern UI forcing users to login or spam them with useless notification in attempts to drive attention back to their half backed apps. In an age of half baked line go up style products what companies still value good engineering?



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